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Friday, July 06, 2007

I've Moved To Vermont

Moving to New York City was a good idea. I learned a lot and met all of my major goals.

Now it's time to go home. No, I don't mean to my ancestral home (New Jersey), I mean my chosen home: Vermont.

On July 2nd I moved back to Brattleboro.

It makes sense for me to live in the state with the greatest number of artisan-cheesemakers per capita in the entire United States. It's time for me to expand my business, and, sorry New York City, Vermont will give me more opportunities.

Isn't that funny? I moved to NYC for more opportunities, and now I'm moving back to VT - a state not necessarily known as
cutting-edge - to improve and expand my business. But Vermont is cutting-edge, especially when it comes to the appreciation of local, small-production, artisan-made and -grown foods. We may not have beaten Alice Waters to it (maybe we have, I wasn't alive then), but we certainly were doing this local thing here in VT before all the Big City chefs discovered the Union Square Greenmarket!

Viva Vermont!
Viva la Queso!