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Friday, September 08, 2006

The Cheese Snob Rewrites Zabar's

So this doesn't totally have to do with cheese, but it's a cool project nonetheless. The head of Zabar's Mail Order Department wants me to pretty much rewrite their Website, at least the on-line store portion. They are going to redo the on-line store's layout and functioning, and she thinks this is a good time to rewrite the product descriptions. I should say so. Most of them are pretty awful.
This project could take awhile. The spices alone could take me weeks...

I'm excited. Not only is it decent money, but I get to research things about which I am only slightly familiar but would like to know more. Things like nuts, caviar, smoked fish, tea and the aforementioned spices.

I know it's not cheese, but I am a total nerd about food, and this will give me the opportunity to know as much as possible about interesting foods.

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