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Saturday, August 26, 2006

What's The Cheese Snob Eating Now?

I'm catching up on emails before I go to sleep. It's one of those Saturday nights where I'm more content to stay home, listening to the radio, and eating cheese than I would be going out and getting into non-cheese-related trouble. Not very NYC of me. Maybe I need to move to a farm. A CHEESE FARM.

So I'm enjoying a bit of Teifi, an unpasteurized cow's milk cheese from Wales.
Here are my tasting notes:
this one is on the aged side. I've seen it much younger. It's semi-firm, and there are a handful of small eyes in the almond-colored paste. natural rind, very nubbly and covered with white and gray mold.
speaking of mold - there's a bit of blue that's traveled throughout the holes in the paste. not a defect. it's fine.
dry texture, toothsome
tastes milky, sweet, little bit lactic, vague woodsy/smokiness - like fall leaves burning. rich, buttery. a little cavey. this is an excellent table cheese - nothing offensive or challenging about it - but not boring or flat, either. far better than I remember Teifi. maybe I had it too young or not aged properly because I remember it being boring.
this is a good cheese for a rainy day. or maybe I am saying that because today was rainy and this cheese is good. I'll have to try it on a sunny day and see what I think then.

oh, and I've seen this cheese compared with Gouda, but I don't get that one at all. this is nothing like Gouda. I hope I am not insulting the cheesemakers here if that was their intention. This cheese is very nice, but Gouda it ain't. It's better than most Goudas people can get in this country, and, in comparison with the good Goudas we get, well, it's still different.

Yours in Cheese,

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