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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Errata, Or: I Hate Being Wrong

I found out the other day that the Bedford Cheese Shop was never owned by Frank. It's always been owned by two guys named Jason. Hmm. Where did I get this information? How could I have been misled so easily? Oh well.

Frank doesn't work there anymore. Apparently he's in Seattle. Maybe he's a Cheesemonger there.

In any event, the Bedford Cheese Shop is still a place to go for excellent cheese, and this week I may go check it out again.

That's all for now. I think I need to go hang out on my roof for an hour or so, while it's still nice outside.

Yours in Cheese,
-Wendy M. Levy

1 comment:

Reverend Dravle Maane said...

Hi Wendy

I am a cheese lover too, and I am not opposed to the use of rennet - just puzzled over the fact of the origin.

When I come as far as writing the recipe to some hard cheeses, I would like people to know what they are putting into the mix. Most people don't know this, and would probably go "What?!"

When they get used to the idea it is as easy as taking Murine eardrops, made from carbamide, another name for synthetic urea.

I recently stumbled upon a net argument started by islamic youth in Norway debating what cheese is "halal" or "haram", because of rennet - has some english in it too http://www.pakin.no/discuss/topic.asp?tid=4919&fid=17

Yer Cheese Lovin' Pal Reverend