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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion

Hi Cheese Pals,

I haven't forgotten about you and the cheese. I've been heavily involved in a major volunteer project, and work. I work with cheese, so it's okay.


Kenny G posted an entry about my cheese party on the WFMU "Beware of the Blog." Please follow the link and check it out. And make sure you listen to Kenny's show, Intelligent Design. And make sure you listen to the archive of my cheese party show!

I might not have too much time to post until next week, so don't be sad. Eat more cheese and read Steve Jenkins' book "The Cheese Primer" between now and next Wednesday. It'll prepare you for what's to come.

And a BIG thank you to Monica, Alex, and Ben for commenting. I will address your comments soon.

Yours In Cheese,

p.s. - If you click on the title of this entry, it will take you to the WFMU blog entry. If you click on the title "Cheese + WFMU + Me = Fun" or whatever it is I wrote, it'll take you right to the archive for the show. I just figured this out, so I thought you might not know.


kevin said...

Really excited for future posts... I have been a big caseophile for a while

Wendy M. Levy said...

Well shucks! Thanks, Kevin.

Now that I'm back from vacation, I hope to write a little something every day. Please check back often.

What are some cheeses you've been excited about lately?


kevin said...

Sorry, I was out of town for July, but now I am back and enjoying the posts! Current cheese excitement is with Snofrisk (swedish goat), which I have been enjoying plain and with a touch of hot sauce on it. To round out my fridge I have been stocking Fol Epi,
Taleggio, and Andrulus (baltic cheese)

Wendy M. Levy said...

Hey Kevin,
Sure, I know Snofrisk.
Look around, there may be really good goat cheeses from farms near you. There are many artisan-made goat cheeses produced in the USA, and more are popping up all the time.
Mmm, taleggio... I don't know where you live, but if you have a good cheese shop near you (it sounds like you might), ask them about Brescianella. It's kinda like a mini-Taleggio, but a little sweeter and more yeasty. It's GOOD.
Never heard of Andrulus. What can you tell me about it?

Yours in cheese,

kevin said...

The Andrulus is a baltic cheese... I believe it was cow (I ate it all and the wrapper was lost in my recent move... which comes in plain varieties and peppered with caraway seeds. I had the plain. It was wonderfully creamy and mild. Texture was between a goat cheese and feta, smooth and creamy with a touch of crumblyness. It went wonderfully on salads ( as well as plain and on bread, and hot dogs).

As for local goat cheese, there is actually a fabulous producer here in small town Indiana. Tuesday night infact I had a dinner party where I had three of his fantastic goat cheeses (a nice ash rolled ball, a pyramide, and a dense herbed goat). They also makes a fantastic wasabi goat cheese.

Unfortunately, my good cheese shop is an hour away from where I am, but for cheese it is worth it!